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Introduction to ATL Bodyworks, Your Home For Massage, Wellness, and Reinvigoration Treatments
November 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by ATL Body Works

Day to day life takes a lot out of us. The stresses of work, family, and even daily social interactions can take their toll. Many end the day feeling drained of energy and vitality.

At ATL Bodyworks, we understand that life can bring you down. For that reason, we have put together a variety of programs designed to leave you feeling calmer, more relaxed, and more energetic.

After sessions from ATL Bodyworks, you will feel energized and ready to tackle whatever your job, family, or your life in general, throws at you.

Our Founder: Kala Evans

Ms. Evans brings to ATL Bodyworks her commitment, her values, and over a decade of diverse experience as a wellness practitioner in and around Atlanta.

A graduate of the Atlanta School of Massage, Ms. Evans has served clients in the Serenbe community, luxury resorts, five star hotels, and now in her own business.

She has helped clients who come from all vocations and backgrounds and has maintained a steadfast commitment to provide quality services to all.

Ms. Evans specialties include stress relief, intense body work, and enhancing balance.

Who We Are

We provide for our customers a range of treatments that include state of the art, palliative, and illustrious therapies. At ATL Bodyworks, clients will benefit from the application of the latest techniques combined with a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

Every client that we serve will see our commitment to customized and humanistic solutions, and will recognize how we apply these solutions to the unique problems that they face. We believe completely in treating all who come through our doors with thorough dignity and respect as a person.

Often times, wellness therapy starts by putting a client at ease, letting them know that they matter as a person when they come here.

What We Do

At ATL Bodyworks, we specialize in four major areas of treatment that are designed to restore your sense of wellness.

• We use a variety of massage techniques from around the world to provide each client a unique experience that treats important points of physical and emotional need.

• Our body treatments combine the best materials with expert technique. Our body scrubs and polishes rejuvenate skin, making it both look and feel more vibrant.

• To treat the mind and body, we offer sessions of Thai yoga. Ms. Evans has trained under the region’s most respected practitioners of this ancient, yet practical, art of relaxing the body and rejuvenating the mind

• In addition to treatments designed to boost physical and mental health, we also offer body sculpting. In these sessions we work with you to discern what you want to focus upon. Then we apply a range of treatments to accentuate curves, tone loose skin, and reduce abdominal excess. Our goal is for you to look and feel sexier.

Our range of services will result in you looking and feeling better about yourself and your life. We want to not only enhance health, but also to boost confidence and self-esteem.

At ATL Bodyworks, our staff shares the commitment of inclusiveness and respect for the range of beautiful body types and personalities that walk through our door,

Everyone here has the right to feel special and we strive daily to accomplish just that.

Reach Out Today

Learn more about ATL Bodyworks and our commitment to helping you find a more calm and relaxed you. Book your visit online here today, or call us at (770) 765-1076.

Schedule a session today and find out how ATL Bodyworks can work with you for an enhanced body and spirit.