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Benefits of having a certified Atlanta massage therapist

October 20, 2020 at 4:00 AM
This is a picture of a massage being given by an Atlanta massage therapist.

You wouldn’t trust just anyone with cleaning your teeth, or giving you medical advice. You would want to go to someone who has had the proper training and experience to work in their field. The same goes with massage therapists. Finding an Atlanta massage therapist who’s certified provides a variety of benefits so you can feel confident while using their services. Here’s why it’s important that your Atlanta massage therapist is certified.

They’ve received the proper training

In order to become certified, massage therapists must demonstrate that they have sufficient knowledge and skill in their field and must be able to pass an exam. When you go to a certified massage therapist, you can feel confident that the therapist knows the proper massage techniques and will perform their services with accuracy and safety. I am a licensed massage therapist (LMT) with the state of Georgia, am a certified member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), and am certified in neuromuscular therapy (NMT). I have the training, skills and experience needed to do exceptional work and am dedicated to staying up to date on massage therapy best practices. You can trust that you’ll receive quality services at ATL Bodyworks.

They meet standards on ethics

For Atlanta massage therapists, being certified isn’t just about having proof that they have the proper knowledge in their field. Certified massage therapists must also meet requirements on ethics and morals. This helps ensure that massage therapists are trustworthy and always work with their clients’ best interests in mind. At ATL Bodyworks, we are committed to adhering to the highest industry standards and ethics codes as well as putting your health and wellness first. We also customize each individual treatment so you experience high-quality, personalized sessions that meet your specific expectations. We even provide a personalized holistic assessment to help us understand your goals and help you achieve maximum results. Ethical practices and customer satisfaction are at the heart of each of our services.

You’ll experience peace of mind

A massage should be a relaxing experience; you shouldn’t be distracted with worry about whether or not your massage therapist is qualified to do what they’re doing. When you know your massage therapist has had proper training and meets specific knowledge, skill and ethics qualifications, you can trust that they’ll perform their services properly and with care, giving you peace of mind. At ATL Bodyworks, you can rest easy during your appointment knowing that I’m licensed and certified. You’ll experience a relaxing session with massage techniques that are properly performed and receive top-notch, attentive service that focuses on your goals. We want you to enjoy your time at ATL Bodyworks and get back to living your best life.

About ATL Bodyworks

ATL Bodyworks is a wellness center in Atlanta, GA that helps improve your health and overall well-being through relaxing massage and spa treatments. We offer massage services, body treatments, PureSculpt sessions, and non-invasive body sculpting, each customized to help you reach your unique goals.

The owner of ATL Bodyworks, I’m a multidisciplinary massage therapist with over 10 years of experience working with the working class community as well as celebrities, 5-star hotels, luxury resorts, Fortune 500 companies and more. I have a wide range of specialties and memberships in professional organizations, including Lomi Lomi, reflexology, deep tissue, Thai Yoga, Pranic Healing, seated chair, JAMU Balinese Massage, body treatments and aromatherapy. I’m passionate about helping my clients discover balance, stress relief, or intense body work.

When you choose ATL Bodyworks, you can expect a high-quality, relaxing session by a certified Atlanta massage therapist. Click here to book your service today.